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21st Century Democrats is proud to bring you, the weekly netcast for stand-up Democrats that explores progressive perspectives on public policy, economic debates, foreign affairs and national politics. With regular contributors who include Texan populist Jim Hightower and provocative media commentator Bill Press, seeks to become a salon of the nation’s most prominent Democrats. We're all about giving progressive Democrats tools you need to fight back against the Tea Party Republicans. So progressives, populists, liberals, Democrats and independents, sit back and listen -- then stand up and fight!

Nov 29, 2015

Melanne Verveer on women’s economic power. Fred Harris tells the truth about immigration. and, on the Bill Press Show, Jimmy Williams interviews Jackie Kucinich.


Melanne Verveer was the first U.S. ambassador for women’s issues, and she has some thoughts about the economic power that women have, both locally and...

Nov 22, 2015

Thanksgiving reflection – America’s income inequality is worse than Pakistan’s says Ron Formisano. Voters often don’t bother to consider reality, says Arthur Lupia. And Bill Press interviews Cameron Joseph about the NRA and terrorism.


This Thanksgiving and...

Nov 15, 2015

Civil rights historian Michael Higginbotham says black lives have always mattered. Housing expert Andre Shashaty says minorities are now afflicted by “zombie foreclosures.” And Bill Press interviews CNN’s Tom LoBianco on the GOP race.


Law professor and civil rights historian Michael Higginbotham reflects on...

Nov 6, 2015

Lee Drutman says Paul Ryan may be in for a surprise … Fred Rotondaro says the Republican presidential candidates are looking for answers too simplistic … and Bill Press interviews Susan Page about the new book on the Bushes.


Political scientist and Congress-watcher Lee Drutman assesses the House Republicans...

Nov 1, 2015

Fred Harris on the fruits of the Kerner Commission … Ari Berman on Republican attempts to keep Democrats from voting … and a Bill Press Show interview with about Bernie Sanders and pot.


Fred Harris is the last surviving member of the 1968 Kerner Commission on urban disorders. He says race relations and poverty...