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21st Century Democrats is proud to bring you, the weekly netcast for stand-up Democrats that explores progressive perspectives on public policy, economic debates, foreign affairs and national politics. With regular contributors who include Texan populist Jim Hightower and provocative media commentator Bill Press, seeks to become a salon of the nation’s most prominent Democrats. We're all about giving progressive Democrats tools you need to fight back against the Tea Party Republicans. So progressives, populists, liberals, Democrats and independents, sit back and listen -- then stand up and fight!

Mar 31, 2019

Nurses take a stand for Medicare for All.  Plus, the return of socialist fear- mongering. And Bill Press gets a report card on the media’s coverage of the Mueller investigation.


Why the nation's largest union of registered nurses is fighting for single payer health care. Plus, why conservatives are so quick to cry...

Mar 24, 2019

Standing up for jobs and democracy. Preventing another Lordstown shutdown, and paving the way for a national popular vote. Plus Bill Press on rigging the system in higher education.


How smart policy could have saved the Lordstown plant in Ohio.  Plus what it would take to end the electoral college. And Bill Press on...

Mar 17, 2019

A new playing field. Fighting the good fight for health care justice. Closing the gap in company pay. Plus Bill Press on “Billionaire Boondoggle”.


The grassroots labor movement for Medicare-for-All. Plus, is it time to talk about a maximum wage?  And Bill Press on the power of the billionaire class.


Mike Dudzic

Mar 11, 2019

Revitalizing the American Dream. From America’s classrooms to the global economy. Plus Bill Press with Representative Dan Kildee ( D-MI).


How teachers are seizing the reins for accountability in the charter school movement.  How economic populists are reclaiming a progressive space in the global economy. Plus,...

Mar 3, 2019

Defending Democracy in 2020. The fight against disinformation in elections, and restoring a commitment to global human rights.


What Democrats need to do to protect our elections from disinformation, bots and hacking. And what every presidential candidate should do to protect human rights. Plus, Bill Press  on...