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Mar 18, 2017

Melvin Goodman spent 42 years in the U.S. intelligence community and says there is no doubt about Russian interference in the election. David Cay Johnston just got hold of two pages of Trump’s taxes, but in a special encore presentation of his appearance here last fall, he reviews 30 years of the president’s fishy finances. And Bill Press interviews Congressman Don Beyer about the congressional agenda and Virginia politics.

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Melvin Goodman

Former intelligence analyst and Russia expert Melvin Goodman says Trump eventually will have to realize that Vladimir Putin is no friend of the United States.


David Cay Johnston

The journalist who got two pages of Trump’s 2005 tax return, David Cay Johnston, says the president is likely not only a tax cheat but a long-time friend of the mob. This is a reprise of an interview we did during the last campaign.


Don Beyer

Bill Press interviews Congressman Don Beyer of Virginia.


Jim Hightower

Are the rich different from you and me? Ask Cadillac!