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Sep 3, 2017

The state of Missouri recently took away the pay of workers in St. Louis who had been getting a higher minimum wage. Labor economist Sylvia Allegretto says that in Seattle, the higher minimum wage has worked well, without throwing people out of work. Political expert Dante Chinni says maybe it takes a general to keep Trump in line, and predicts it will take a whole lot before he is removed from office. And John Nichols, of The Nation, talks with Bill Press about his new book, “Trumpocalypse.”


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Sylvia Allegretto

Republicans again are not letting facts get in the way of good policy. In Missouri, the state government cut the wages people of St. Louis were making, but labor economist Sylvia Allegretto makes the strong case why a 15-dollar-an-hour wage makes sense.


Dante Chinni

State politics expert Dante Chinni predicts that the Electoral College will remain in place until someone wins the popular vote by so much that denying the winner the White House will lead to changing the Constitution. Three million votes isn’t enough, he says. It needs to be five or six million.


John Nichols

Author John Nichols talks about his new book “Trumpocalypse” with Bill Press.


Jim Hightower

Amazon buys out Whole Foods: What's it to us?