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Jan 28, 2018

Across the country, minimum wage is going up.  But is that enough?   More and more journalists take on the challenge of covering Donald Trump.  But does more mean better? And Bill Press talks with Esther Lee of ThinkProgress about DACA and her own experience as a Dreamer.


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This week, Janelle Jones of the Economic Policy Institute on how progressive democrats are winning on the minimum wage. Author David Cay Johnston on what’s not getting covered in the way journalists cover Donald Trump. And Bill Press interviews ThinkProgress reporter Esther Lee for an update on Donald Trump’s immigration policy and the lives left in limbo waiting for a resolution on DACA.


Janelle Jones

Economic analyst Janelle Jones says a higher minimum wage is a crucial tool in bridging our nation’s widening income inequality gap  And in the face of federal inaction, cities and states are setting up to the plate.


David Cay Johnston

David Cay Johnston is an award winning journalist who says that a vibrant press is needed now more than ever, but journalists who focus on  Russian conspiracies and Donald Trump’s  tweets  are missing the point.


Esther Lee

Bill Press talks with ThinkProgress reporter Esther Lee.


Jim Hightower

Are you ready for corporate America's robot economy?