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May 13, 2018

What doesn’t work about work requirements for public assistance. What does work about teachers unions. Plus, Bill Press talks with former Ohio State Senator Capri Cafaro for primaries update.


Author William Ayers debunks the myth that teachers unions are bad for public education. Elizabeth Lower-Basch of the Center on Law and Social Policy explains what’s wrong with Donald Trump’s approach to welfare reform. And Bill Press talks with Democratic strategist and former Ohio State Senator Capri Cafaro  


Elizabeth Lower-Basch

Elizabeth Lower-Basch has a long history inside and outside of government figuring out the best ways to help struggling families.  She says that new “work requirements” for people on public assistance is exactly not the way to do that.


William Ayers

William Ayers is one of America’s leading voices on the role of education in  building democracy. In his newest book, he argues that “activist teachers” have a vital part to play in that vision.


Capri Cafaro

Bill Press talks with democratic strategist Capri Cafaro for the takeaways from the Ohio primary elections.


Jim Hightower

Why is Trump waging war on the poor?