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Aug 19, 2018

Building a progressive populist movement and what that means for rural and small town America.  Plus, Bill Press digs into last week’s primary races with Adam Wollner from McClatchy News.


Activist Adam Kruggel of People’s Action on building a powerful and progressive populist movement and why his organization is turning to rural and small town American to get it done. Plus Bill Press talks with McClatchy’s Adam Wollner on “making history” and biggest takeaways from the latest primary races.


Adam Kruggel Part 1

Adam Kruggel is dedicated to power for marginalized communities.  He says that this a critical moment to build a kind of populism movement that is multiracial, race conscious and boldly progressive.


Adam Kruggel Part 2

Still with us  is Adam Kruggel, Director of Strategic Initiative at People’s Action.

The organization recently issued a report titled “The Promise of a Progressive Populist Movement.”  The report is a result of of thousands of interviews with people in rural and small town America.


Adam Wollner

Coming up, Bill Press talks McClatchy’s Adam Wollner about last week’s primary races, the historic firsts, and why the odds are getting better for Democrats to take back the House.


Jim Hightower

How bad public policy happens