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Oct 14, 2018

One Party .. two futures?  Between centralism and progressive populism, this election season lays  bare a faultline in Democratic Party politics. Which path is more likely to win in November and reclaim our nation’s future? Plus … what to make of the Kanye West at the White House.


The Third Way’s Jim Kessler argues for a  broad path to victory that includes mainstream centrism.  Roger Hickey of the Campaign for America’s Future on the grassroots movement for a progressive agenda that is reviving democratic politics.  Plus Brittany Shepherd joins the Bill Press show to decode the meeting between Kanye West and Donald Trump.


Jim Kessler

Third Way is a national think tank that advocates center-left ideas and politics.  Co-founder Jim Kessler, says that centrist success in the primaries is one of the underreported stories this election season.


Roger Hickey

The Campaign for America’s Future calls itself  the strategy center for the progressive movement. Co-founder Roger Hickey says that people all over the country are energized by new ideas that call for economic and social justice.


Brittany Shepherd

Brittany Shepherd of the Washingtonian joins Peter Ogburn of the Bill Press show to explain why Donald Trump has a soft spot for Kanye West and what it’s like to be one of the few African American reporters in the Washington Press Corp.


Jim Hightower

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