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Dec 18, 2018

Don’t forget the grassroots.  The activists behind the blue wave.  The connection between drivers licenses and economic justice. Plus Bill Press talks with US Congresswoman Jackie Speier.


We remember two Latino activists and the progressive legacy that lives on.  Plus … why the Southern Poverty Law Center is filing a lawsuit over drivers’ licenses. And Bill Press talks California Congresswoman Jackie Speier about her new book “Undaunted: Surviving Jonestown, Summoning Courage and Fighting Back.


Gustavo Arrelano

Latino Voters showed up  for the midterm elections,  nearly doubling their turnout over 2014. … and there were many victories to bear witness to the rise in Latino political power. But as one writer wants us to remember, it’s power that comes from the  immense dedication of activists who have been working for decades to get us here. Two of them passed away recently and our first guest helps us remember them.


Samuel Brooke

The Southern Poverty Law Center  is challenging Alabama’s practice of suspending drivers’ licenses of individuals who fail to pay traffic tickets, arguing it violates the Fourteenth Amendment by “punishing persons simply because they are poor.” Our next guest explains the connection.


Jackie Speier

Coming up, Bill Press talks with California Congresswoman Jackie Speier who explains why she still believes that politics is the noblest profession.


Jim Hightower

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