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21st Century Democrats is proud to bring you, the weekly netcast for stand-up Democrats that explores progressive perspectives on public policy, economic debates, foreign affairs and national politics. With regular contributors who include Texan populist Jim Hightower and provocative media commentator Bill Press, seeks to become a salon of the nation’s most prominent Democrats. We're all about giving progressive Democrats tools you need to fight back against the Tea Party Republicans. So progressives, populists, liberals, Democrats and independents, sit back and listen -- then stand up and fight!

Nov 4, 2019


Economic Red Flags. America’s middle class on the decline. The unsustainability of economic inequality. Plus, impeachment advice from a veteran of the Clinton war room.


Why America’s middle class is barely getting by. Why the fight against climate change also has to be a fight against inequality.  Plus Bill Press interviews Lanny Davis, former special counsel to President Bill Clinton.


Alissa Quart

For her most recent book, Author Alissa Quart tracked the daily life of America’s middle class. What she found were people too often living paycheck to paycheck and struggling just to get by.


James K Galbraith

James K Galbraith is one of the world’s leading economists. He says rising inequality in the world today is fundamentally unsustainable and at odds with what needs to be done to confront the realities of climate change.


Lanny Davis

Bill Press talks impeachment with the man who ran Bill Clinton's impeachment war room.

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Jim Hightower

How Repugnant is Big Oil?