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21st Century Democrats is proud to bring you, the weekly netcast for stand-up Democrats that explores progressive perspectives on public policy, economic debates, foreign affairs and national politics. With regular contributors who include Texan populist Jim Hightower and provocative media commentator Bill Press, seeks to become a salon of the nation’s most prominent Democrats. We're all about giving progressive Democrats tools you need to fight back against the Tea Party Republicans. So progressives, populists, liberals, Democrats and independents, sit back and listen -- then stand up and fight!

Nov 11, 2019

Democracy’s next test. Why 2020 won’t be won by centrists. How foreign meddling undermines American voters. Plus, an election preview with former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.


Robert Reich on the choice that has to be made between oligarchy and an America that works for everyone. Fred Wertheimer on the fight that has to be fought against foreign interference in American democracy. 

Plus,  Bill Press looks ahead to 2020 with former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.


Robert Reich

Robert Reich is one of our nation’s leading economists. He says the widening gap between the wealthy and everyone else is the defining issue of our time. And that’s why Democrats have to choose a side.


Fred Wertheimer

Fred Wertheimer has spent more than four decades working on democracy and governance, and is a national leader and spokesman on money and ethics in politics. He says foreign meddling in American politics has been a threat since the founding, and we now have a way to prevent it.


Terry McAuliffe 

Bill Press talks with former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe 

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Jim Hightower

How to know when the economy is really doing well