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Nov 25, 2019

Workers are taking a stand.  Are Democrats ready to listen?  Plus Bill Press interviews Norman Ornstein.


Sarah Jaffe on the return of the strike. Mark Dann asks if working class voters can trust the Democrats.  Plus Bill Press with Norman Ornstein on paralysis in Washington and why Republicans are the problem.

Sarah Jaffe

Workers at GM recently ended the longest auto workers strike in 50 years. Sarah Jaffee says the action signals a revival of picket line politics with a message that is bigger than any one union.


Marc Dann

Democrats have a working class problem,  but they still have a chance to fix it. Marc Dann says that has to begin with admitting the betrayals brought on by the last two Democratic administrations.


Norman Ornstein

Norman Ornstein tells Bill Press how the GOP  became a cult.

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Jim Hightower

How Trump’s poverty subsidy enriches the rich.