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Jul 13, 2020

A new social contract for the 21st century. Plus, how Trump could use political chaos to upset the election. And, what “reopen safely” really means for our nation’s schools.


Neera Tanden on why now is the time to reimagine a social contract that not only leads us into recovery, but paves the way for a new future. Plus, former U.S. Senator Tim Wirth on how Trump could stay in the White House no matter what the voters say. And Bill Press with Randi Weingarten,  president of the American Federation of Teachers.

Neera Tanden

As president of the Center for American Progress, and throughout her career, Neera Tanden has focused on expanding opportunity for all Americans.  As we face the crisis brought on by the pandemic, she says we have an opportunity today to build on the New Deal with a new social contract that presents a more fair and just way forward.

Tim Wirth

Former U.S. Senator Tim Wirth says there’s little Trump hates more than losing, and Americans cannot afford to ignore how far he will go to avoid it.

Randi Weingarten

Randi Weingarten,  president of the American Federation of Teachers tells Bill Press what it will take to keep students and teachers safe this Fall. If you'd like to hear the entire interview, visit Bill

Jim Hightower

Cashing in on the COVID crisis