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Jul 20, 2020

The political power of Black women. The deepening crisis of America’s middle class. And, a recap of the latest Supreme Court term.


Black women and their political pursuit for justice, fairness, and equity. Plus, with inequality soaring, America’s middle class is in retreat. How to turn it around.  And a surprising term for the Supreme Court. Bill Press with Adam Liptak, Supreme Court Correspondent for The New York Times. 


Melanie Campbell

Melanie Campbell is known for her powerful ability to build diverse coalitions for the common good, and for advancing the political power of Black women.  She says Black women are taking their political leadership to new levels that will be felt far beyond the ballot box.


James Steele

In 1992, James Steele and Donald Barlett wrote their groundbreaking book on the economic decline of the working middle class in America.  Nearly thirty years later, James Steele says new policies are launching a fresh assault on the middle class.


Adam Liptak

New York Times correspondent Adam Liptak talks with Bill Press about the Supreme Court’s latest term and its tack to the center. If you'd like to hear the entire interview, visit


Jim Hightower

Sneaking public dollars into private schools