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Nov 30, 2020

The evolving peril of Democratic centrism. Plus, where voters said yes to progressive ballot measures. And Bill Press with Biden economic transition adviser Jared Bernstein.

Author and journalist Thomas Frank on centrist Democrats and the rise of Trumpism.  Chris Melody Fields Figueredo, Executive Director of the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center, on why progressive ballot measures win. And Bill Press with Jared Bernstein on what it will take to tackle  income inequality.

Thomas Frank 

Progressive historian Thomas Frank says a shift to Democratic centrism paved the way for Trump’s presidency. And to defeat Trumpism now, Democrats need to get back to being a party that takes a stand for working people. 

Chris Melody Fields Figueredo

Across the country, in red states and blue, voters gave their support to progressive ballot measures. Chris Melody Fields Figueredo, says ballot measures speak powerfully to what matters to voters, and are often the unsung heroes of the progressive movement. 

Jared Bernstein

Bill Press with Jared Bernstein who served as Biden’s chief economist and economic adviser under the Obama administration. If you'd like to hear the entire interview, visit

Jim Hightower

Which food future will you choose?