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Mar 21, 2021

Joe Biden as a Catholic president and what that means for a divided nation. How democratic renewal at home can redefine America’s role in the world. Plus, Bill Press with Norm Ornstein on fixing the filibuster.


Massimo Faggioli on the intersection of faith and politics for America’s second Catholic President. James Traub on how restoring democratic principles in domestic policy can restore America’s legitimacy as a world leader. Plus Bill Press with Norm Ornstein how to break through GOP obstructionism and advance on Biden’s agenda. 

Massimo Faggioli 

In his recent and timely book, historian and theologian Massimo Faggioli provides an insightful overview of Catholicism in US politics, and its place in the career of President Biden.  He says Biden’s public embrace of his faith offers a much needed opening to heal the division of the last four years. 

James Traub

As President Biden shapes his foreign policy,  journalist James Traub says

the threats to American democracy today come more from within than outside the nation, and that restoring democracy at home will go a long way to rebuild trust in American democracy abroad.

Norm Ornstein

Bill Press with Norm Ornstein, a long-time observer and scholar of Congress and politics, on why Biden’s agenda is in peril and why reforming  the filibuster is a necessary fix. If you'd like to hear the entire episode, visit 

Jim Hightower

Now, Robots are Coming for White-Collar Jobs


In CorporateSpeak, there are no “job cuts.” Instead, firings are blandly referred to as “employment adjustments.”


Now, though, corporate wordsmiths will need a whole new thesaurus of euphemisms, for masses of job cuts are coming for employees in the higher echelons of the corporate structure. Don’t look now, but an unanticipated result of the ongoing pandemic is that it has given cover for CEOs to speed up the adoption of highly advanced RPAs (Robotic Process Automation) to replace employees once assumed to be immune from displacement.