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May 10, 2021

What we get wrong about saving the planet. Why the Green New Deal needs to be a jobs program. Plus Bill Press on what drives Nancy Pelosi.


Author Jenny Price on getting environmentalism right before it’s too late. Activist Wallace Mazon on why the Sunrise Movement is fighting for good jobs. Plus Bill Press with journalist Susan Page on her new book, Madam Speaker: Nancy Pelosi and The Lessons of Power.


Jenny Price

In her new book, author Jenny Price writes about how environmentalists view and talk about their movement. And all too often she writes, they become part of the problem.


Wallace Mazon

With the nation facing an economic crisis and a climate crisis at the same time, the Sunrise Movement has launched a new campaign to tackle both. Activist Wallace Mazon says the fight for good jobs has to go hand in hand with the  fight against climate change.


Susan Page

Bill Press with journalist and author Susan Page on her new political biography about our nation’s first female Speaker of the House. If you'd like to hear the entire episode, visit


Jim Hightower

Can Corporate Profit and Morality Be Compatible?


Is “corporate ethics” an oxymoron? Do you have to be a jerk to be a successful CEO? Is exploitation the only path to profit?


The good news is that many companies, big and small, in the food economy are blazing a different path through Wall Street’s jungle of greed, demonstrating that money and morality can be compatible.