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May 17, 2021

Moving toward a racial justice agenda. Transforming policing from the ground up. Why history matters.  Plus Bill Press with journalist Ron Brownstein.


Civil rights leader Ben Jealous on why cities and states have to take the lead in reimagining public safety. Scholar Sheryll Cashin on why it's critical to confront government’s role in creating racial inequity if we want to undo it. Plus Bill Press with journalist Ron Brownstein on the year a cultural shift in LA turned into a sea change for politics across the nation.

Ben Jealous

Ben Jealous welcomes efforts at the federal level to rein in abusive policing, but says they won't go far enough unless they are matched by transformative reform at the local level. 

Sheryll Cashin

Scholar Sheryll Cashin’s latest book explores the history of government’s role in expanding segregation in housing. She says that a shared understanding of this racist past is key to uniting the nation on a racial justice agenda going forward.

Ron Brownstein

Bill Press with journalist and author Ron Brownstein on the long reach of 1970s pop culture on the politics of today. If you'd like to hear the entire episode, visit

Jim Hightower

What Floats Jeff Bezos Boat?


Not only are the rich different from you and me – they’re getting more different than ever.


I’m not referring to mere millionaires, but to the billionaire bunch. In the past year, while ordinary Americans have lost jobs, businesses, and homes due to the pandemic economic crash, America’s 664 billionaires have found themselves nearly 40 percent richer than before COVID!