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May 24, 2021

Millennial politics comes into its own. The untold history of citizenship stripping in America. Plus Bill Press on where the Republican Party goes from here.


Author David Freedlander on the AOC generation and its political evolution. Author Amanda Frost on citizen stripping from Dred Scott to the dreamers. Plus Bill Press with former Northern Virginia Congresswoman Barbara Comstock on why the GOP needs to distance itself from Trump. 

David Freedlander

The Trump presidency continues to reshape the political landscape, and that includes a resurgent young left. That’s the subject of a new book from David Freedlander, and at its center is the rise of Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. 

Amanda Frost

In her newest book, author Amanda Frost takes us into the little-known story of when and why our government has made the choice to revoke citizenship. It’s a practice that expresses the history of racism and xenophobia in America and remains all too present today.

Barbara Comstock

And now, Bill Press with former Northern Virginia Congresswoman Barbara Comstock on why the GOP is better off without Trump. If you'd like to hear the entire episode, visit 

Jim Hightower

Banker Greed That Would Even Shock Woody Guthrie


Woody Guthrie had a lot to say about the greed of bankers who made crop loans at usurious interest rates to hardscrabble farmers, then foreclosed on them when they couldn’t pay off the loans, leaving thousands of farm families homeless. Woody mocked them with a sarcastic anthem, singing “I’m a jolly banker, jolly banker am I.” He also penned a stinging verse about their thievery: “Some’ll rob with a six gun/ some with a fountain pen.”

But even this populist poet of the people would be astonished by the shameless grabbiness of today’s farm lenders.