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Dec 1, 2013

Politics this week -- former Senator Alan Dixon on Obamacare; Professor Fabio Rojas on Twitter as a predictor of elections; and education expert David Bergeron on the politics of student loans.

A former Democratic Senate leader says his party better start fixing Obamacare right away. An expert on social media says he can predict congressional elections by monitoring Twitter. And a higher-education policy maker has a series of student loan reforms in mind.

Alan Dixon  

Alan Dixon was a senator from Illinois for two terms and was chief deputy whip for the Democrats. Well known as a moderate, he has some harsh words for both parties and calls on congressional Democrats to fix Obamacare.

Fabio Rojas

Indiana University professor Fabio Rojas studies politics and social media. And he believes that Twitter activity can predict the outcome of close House elections

David Bergeron

Finally, higher education expert David Bergeron of the Center for American Progress has a plan to firm up the national student loan program. The first place to start is choosing where to go to college in the first place.


Jim Hightower

Coke's Conspiracy against tap water