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Dec 23, 2012

This Christmas week -- Prospects for meaningful gun control … and prospects for Middle East peace

The Newtown shootings have once again focused the nation on the easy availability of guns. Today we talk with Ben Palumbo, an old Washington hand who has worked with the Brady Campaign against gun violence, and he tells of a politician who stood up to the NRA and won – nearly 50 years ago!

We also talk with Middle East expert Professor Richard  Bulliet about the prospects of stability in the region. He says you can’t go from dictatorship to democracy without instability.

And Bill Press speaks with Senator Tom Udall, who predicts the Senate will actually modify the filibuster rule.

Ben Palumbo

Longtime Washington political operative Ben Palumbo has worked for decades on gun control issues, including a stint on the board of the Brady Campaign. In an interview with us before the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, Palumbo said nothing will happen until politicians are ready to stand up to the National Rifle Association.

Richard Bulliet

Taking a look at the constant turmoil in the Middle East, Columbia University professor Richard Bulliet predicts it could take 10 years before there is a hope of stability in the region. The reason, he says, is you simply can’t go from dictatorship to democracy without a lot of instability. But, instability does not necessarily mean war.

Tom Udall

Bill Press and his guest, Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico, with encouraging news about limiting Senate filibusters.