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Dec 30, 2012

TEASE: Challenges in the second term … the early years of Thurgood Marshall … and the Republican states’ rights fetish.

Progressive icon Fred Harris talks about challenges facing the second Obama Administration, including barriers to organized labor … law professor Larry Gibson tells us about his new biography of a young Thurgood Marshall … and historian Steve Conn rips Republicans for hating government, except for when they need it.

Fred Harris

Fred Harris was a U.S. Senator from Oklahoma, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and a candidate for president. Still active, Fred tells us what he sees as challenges for the second Obama Adminstration … labor rights, the minimum wage, civil rights and immigration reform

Larry Gibson

Larry Gibson is a prominent attorney and law professor in Baltimore. He has a new book out called “Young Thurgood,” which delves into the early years of Thurgood Marshall, the nation’s first African American Supreme Court justice.

Steven Conn

Steven Conn is a historian and author of a book examining the benefits of government. He talks with us today about the fetish Republicans have about “states rights” – the rallying cry for slavery, attacking reproductive freedom and suppressing voting rights. Professor Conn says Republicans are laissez-faire when it suits them but in favor of government help with they need it.