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Feb 2, 2014

Political science week with Professor Dante Chinni explaining the new geographical divide in politics and Professor Jonathan Zimmerman arguing against term limits for presidents. And Bill Press talks with freshman Democratic congressman Steven Horsford.

The red-state, blue-state divide no longer exists, says political scientist Dante Chinni. But the great political divide is between suburbs and exurbs. Why should a president be allowed to serve only two terms? NYU Professor Jonathan Zimmerman doesn’t see why. He says the 22nd Amendment insults the American voter. And Bill Press interviews freshman Democratic Congressman Steven Horsford of Nevada about the State of the Union address.

Dante Chinni

Red-state, blue state. Not a Dr. Seuss story, but a political narrative that Professor Dante Chinni says is out of date. The geographical difference between Democrats and Republicans lies not in the states but in the suburbs and exurbs – and Democrats are winning that battle right now.

Jonathan Zimmerman  

Are American voters not smart enough to know whether their president should get elected again … and again? Professor Jonathan Zimmerman think they are smart enough and argues cogently against the 22nd Amendment’s two-term limit on presidents.

Steven Horsford

Bill Press and his guest, Congressman Steven Horsford.

Jim Hightower

The mobsters of Wall Street