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Feb 9, 2014

David Cay Johnston on corporate socialism, Professor Dan Zuberi on the shocking cost of outsourcing hospital support staff, and Bill press with liberal lion Congressman George Miller.

Journalist and commentator David Cay Johnston says it is the government that is largely responsible for the income inequality plaguing the economy. Health professor Dan Zuberi reveals the shocking cost in both money and lives  caused by hospitals outsourcing their non-medical jobs. And Bill Press interviews retiring Congressman George Miller of California.

David Cay Johnston

Award-winning journalist and author David Cay Johnston reveals how Republicans don’t support market capitalism but engage in corporate socialism instead by redistributing wealth from the many to the few.

Dan Zuberi

If hospitals would spend a little more money paying their own employees, instead of outsourcing for the cheapest support workers, they would save money by cutting down on costly hospital infections. That’s the analysis from health professor Dan Zuberi.

George Miller

Bill Press and his guest, George Miller, one of the most progressive Democrats in Congress.

Jim Hightower

Rick Perry struts his stuff in Davos.