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Jul 13, 2013

What’s wrong with our society? “Organized Money!” Geoge Packer explains the “Unwinding” of America. Pollster Celinda Lake tells what Democrats need to do.

Best-selling author George Packer explains how “organized money” is responsible for the “unwinding” of America.

Political strategist Celinda Lake warns that without Obama on the ticket, progressive voters will have to turn out at the polls next year in huge numbers to ensure that the Senate remains Democratic – and maybe take back the House, too.

And Bill Press talks with Congresswoman Barbara Lee about the sequester

George Packer

Author George Packer has a best-selling analysis of how America has become unwound as a result of what he calls “organized money” spent on behalf of corporations.

Celinda Lake

Democratic pollster Celinda Lake says one of the problems the party faces is “we tell the truth” instead of constructing politically powerful message frames. She says the party needs to focus on education, jobs and Obamacare. And turn out in record numbers at the polls in 2014.

Barbara Lee

Bill Press and his guest, Congresswoman Barbara Lee of California.

Jim Hightower

The true path to American Exceptionalism