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Nov 17, 2013

As a political animal, the Republican Party’s moderate wing is extinct. Interviews with political experts Geoffrey Kabaservice and Erica Seifert about the future of the GOP. And Bill Press interviews a leader of EMILY’s List.

Today we talk about a fascinating species of political animal – the Republican Party. Professor Geoffrey Kabaservice has written a history of the GOP since Eisenhower and says its moderate wing is pretty much extinct. Democratic political analyst Erica Seifert has conducted focus groups of Republicans and predicts that their takeover by extremists marginalizes the party’s national appeal. And Bill Press, along with Chris Moody of Yahoo News, interviews Jess McIntosh, communications director of EMILY’s List about Project Madam President.

Geoffrey Kabaservice

Historian Geoffrey Kabaservice has studied Republican moderates of the past – and they include people named Cheney and Rumsfeld – and traces the party’s history to its present state. And, he says, the moderate wing of the Republican party is dead and gone.;jsessionid=C06457AE919A9DBEED933E0CF59CAB31?cc=us&lang=en&

Erica Seifert

After a series of focus groups, Erica Seifert finds that while the Tea Party and the evangelicals of the party are, indeed, extremists, they are not the Republican fringe. They are the majority of the party, and that bodes ill for the GOP’s future.

Jess McIntosh

Bill Press and his guest, Jess McIntosh, spokeswoman for EMILY’s List.

Jim Hightower

Big lies win pyrrhic GMO victory for Big Food