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Nov 3, 2013

Is it time for a woman president? Feminist author Marianne Schnall thinks so. How permanent is the House GOP majority? Not very, says Democratic strategist Elaine Kamarck. And Ellie Smeal talks about women’s issues at the state level.

It is three years until the next presidential election, but not too early to start handicapping it. Could it be the year for a woman president? Author Marianne Schnall thinks so. Democratic analyst Elaine Kamarck has some advice for Republicans – start speaking to a majority of the American people! And Bill Press interviews Eleanor Smeal, president of the Fund for a Feminist Majority.

Marianne Schnall

A feminist author, Marianne Schnall, interviewed hundreds of women to find out what obstacles stand in the way of a female becoming president. The answer? Nothing!

Elaine Kamarck

A year from the midterm congressional elections, Democratic analyst Elaine Kamarck notes that there is nothing permanent about a majority in the House in the face of large demographic trends.

Eleanor Smeal

Bill Press and his guest, Eleanor Smeal  president of the Fund for a Feminist Majority.

Jim Hightower

Cruzing the White House?