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Sep 22, 2013

Pollster Celinda Lake says Democrats need to be more aggressive in their messaging. Economist George Tyler says corporate greed crashed the American economy, and Congressman Steve Israel on House Republicans.

Democratic pollster Celinda Lake says the top issue on the political horizon isn’t the economy or education, but rather which crazy thing Republicans will do next.

Former World Bank executive and author George Tyler answers the question, “What Went Wrong” with the U.S. economy. And Bill Press talks with Congressman Steve Israel of New York.

Celinda Lake

Pollster Celinda Lake thinks Democrats are too responsible and cooperative when it comes to talking policy. She says we need to concentrate more on messaging and fighting whatever crazy thing Republicans think of next.

George Tyler

The American economy has experienced considerable growth in the last 30 years. But virtually none of this growth has trickled down to the average American. Economist and author George Tyler explains why.

Steve Israel

Bill Press and his guest, Congressman Steve Israel, chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Jim Hightower

Fracking adds an extra danger to flooding