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Sep 29, 2013

Public opinion analyst Erica Seifert proposes a new economic agenda for women, and author Eric Liu proposes building the economy from the middle class out. And some union history from Jim Hoffa.

Erica Seifert is a public opinion analyst who helped draws up a “women’s economic agenda” and it’s based primarily on economics. Progressive scholar and author Eric Liu wants to build the economy from the middle class out  and explains how to do it. And Bill Press talks with Jim Hoffa, president of the Teamsters Union.

Erica Seifert

Public opinion analyst Erica Seifert says the key political issues for women are pay, education and reproductive freedom. And those issues may pave the way for congressional gains next year – IF women turn out at the polls.

Eric Liu

Author Eric Liu says restoring the ideal of opportunity for all Americans can be accomplished by adopting “middle out economics.” The result would be more money in the hands of consumers to buy more products.

Jim Hoffa

Bill Press and his guest, Teamsters Union president Jim Hoffa.

Jim Hightower

Ryan rants, and a new voice of morality responds.