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Aug 12, 2012

Ohio looks good for Obama, income looks bad under Republicans, the House GOP looks like “monstrous” cynics.

Eric Kearney

Eric Kearney is the minority leader in Ohio’s state Senate, and he is very optimistic that once voters take a close look at his record and see the jobs start returning, they will again put Ohio in the Obama column this fall.

Tim Noah

Tim Noah is an essayist and author whose latest book examines the growing economic inequality in America over the past 33 years. He attributes it to the deregulation of Wall Street, the decline of the middle class, and, no surprise, Republican presidents.

Gerry Connolly

Bill Press and Washington Post reporter Nia Malika Henderson talk with Gerry Connolly, a Democratic Congressman from Virginia, who describes how the House Republicans are “playing with the U.S. economy.”