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Aug 6, 2012

Tax deductions for Stand Your Ground laws. Tax credits for prancing horses. Romney praises national health system -- if its Israeli.

Bob Edgar

Bob Edgar is a former congressman who knows how lobbying works. In fact, he heads the public interest lobby Common Cause. Mr. Edgar has filed a complaint with the IRS exposing the lobbying tactics of a right-wing group that funds its nefarious work with tax-deductible contributions – not the way lobbying is supposed to work.

Catherine Poe

Mitt Romney just doesn’t relate to the average voter, and commentator Catherine Poe thinks she knows why. His money has sheltered him from the vicissitudes of life and made it seem normal to take a 77-thousand-dollar tax credit for a dressage horse.

Judd Legum

Bill Press talks with Judd Legum about health care reform and Mitt Romney.