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Apr 24, 2016

Union executive David Rolf celebrates “The Fight for Fifteen” … law professor Nancy Maveety talks about partisanship in the history of Supreme Court nominations. And Bill Press interviews Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley.


Hillary Clinton has come out for a fifteen-dollar minimum wage, and the story behind the “Fight For Fifteen” is told by West Coast union executive David Rolf. President Obama continues to stand firm on his Supreme Court nominee, and professor Nancy Maveety, an expert on the process, says partisanship SHOULD be taken into account up to a point. And Bill Press talks with Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley.


David Rolf

A prominent union leader, David Rolf, has written a book on the history of “The Fight For Fifteen” – raising the minimum wage to at least that level. He says there is little hope that Congress will do it, but that states and localities are acting.



Nancy Maveety

Nancy Maveety, a law professor at Tulane, says, historically, the Supreme Court has not always been pro-business and reminds us that Citizens United was, in fact, only a 5-4 decision.



Jeff Merkley

Bill Press interviews Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley.


Jim Hightower

Who says crime doesn't pay?