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Dec 4, 2016

Harvard Law Professor Joseph William Singer says that without government regulation, there really is no freedom. Climate change expert Cathleen Kelly says unrestrained global warming will become a threat to national security. And Kentucky Congressman John Yarmuth tells Bill Press what the re-election of Nancy Pelosi as House Democratic leader means.


Joseph Singer

With the appointment of a Treasury Secretary who was heavily involved in the housing bubble disaster, we will hear from Harvard Professor Joseph Singer, whose new book says it all – “No Freedom Without Regulation: The Hidden Lesson of the Subprime Crisis.”


Cathleen Kelly

Cathleen Kelly of the Center for American Progress says global warming is going to lead to global poverty, conflict, instability and terrorism.


John Yarmuth

Coming up, Kentucky Congressman John Yarmuth tells Bill Press what the election of Nancy Pelosi to another term as House Democratic leader means for the party.


Jim Hightower

How the conquering Trump makes fakery real