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Jun 18, 2016

Todd Gitlin, a historian of the Sixties, compares Donald Trump to George Wallace, but this time the racism won’t help the Republicans win the White House as it did in 1968. In light of the Orlando massacre, we reprise an interview with Dr. Nina Agrawal of Doctors for America. And Bill Press interviews Representative Mark Pocan of Wisconsin.


Todd Gitlin

Todd Gitlin was an activist in the 1960s and a historian of that turbulent political era. He compares Donald Trump to George Wallace … and says the Republicans have become “the party of frustrated male pride.”




Nina Agrawal

In light of the massacre in Orlando, we are pleased to re-play an interview with Dr. Nina Agrawal of Doctors for America. She explains how Republicans have barred federal research on gun violence – which she calls “a public health epidemic.”



Mark Pocan

Bill Press interviews Wisconsin Congressman Mark Pocan.


Jim Hightower

How job cuts miraculously turn into job “creation”