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Nov 12, 2016

The demographics were all on Hillary Clinton’s side … but the polls missed how many Democrats would stay home. An election analysis from pollster Celinda Lake. Regular commentator Fred Rotondaro says the election told Democrats that people don’t want incrementalism. They want a sledgehammer. And Congressman Steve Israel tells Bill Press that the vaunted Democratic “ground game” wasn’t as good as the Republicans’.


Celinda Lake

Democratic pollster and strategist Celinda Lake says demography may be destiny, but not if people don’t show up to vote.


Fred Rotondaro

Fred Rotondaro, a regular commentator on this program, says Democrats have to stop trying to be Republicans Lite. The people, he says, don’t want incrementalism. They want a sledgehammer.


Steve Israel

Coming up, Democratic Congressman Steve Israel of New York tells Bill Press the Clinton campaign was lulled into believing it had a superior “ground game.”


Jim Hightower

Has America turned right-wing? Or nuts?



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