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Nov 19, 2016

Professor Eddie Goldberg, an expert on globalism, says Trump will continue blowing smoke about China but nothing will happen because the two country’s economies are too closely linked. Former Oregon Secretary of State Phil Keisling says the greatest tool of vote suppression today is the polling place. He wants everyone to vote at home. And Senator Jeff Merkley tells Bill Press that his Democratic colleagues will do everything they can to block the Far Right.


Eddie Goldberg

New York University Professor Eddie Goldberg has written a book called “The Joint Ventured Nation,” which he says is the “anti-Donald-Trump foreign policy manifesto. He says the anti-China rhetoric will continue but nothing will happen.


Phil Keisling

Former Oregon Secretary of State Phil Keisling says people should vote from home -- and the chance of fraud would be less than that of an appearance by Sasquatch.


Jeff Merkley

Jeff Merkley tells Bill Press he and fellow Senate Democrats will do all they can to block the Far Right, even knowing they can be run over.


Jim Hightower

The Koch Connection.

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