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Sep 18, 2016

David Cay Johnston, a financial journalist, has covered Donald Trump for almost 30 years. He shares his shocking revelations with us. Journalist Larry Tye has written a biography of Robert F. Kennedy and he says this incredibly complex man probably would have become president. And Kentucky Congressman John Yarmuth tells Bill Press about his state’s crazy governor.



David Cay Johnston

David Cay Johnston, a most unauthorized biographer of Donald Trump, says the Republican presidential nominee has been in the embrace of mobsters, con artists, swindlers and cocaine traffickers from the start of his career.


Larry Tye

What distinguished Robert F. Kennedy from the kind of presidential candidates we have today? RFK biographer Larry Tye says he got through to audiences by telling them things they did NOT want to hear.


John Yarmuth

Coming up, Kentucky Congressman John Yarmuth tells Bill Press about the antics of his state’s crazy governor.


Jim Hightower

What can you possibly buy for 47-cents these days?

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