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Sep 25, 2016

Something a little different this week – two Republicans weigh in on Trump’s foreign policy and the global issues facing whoever is elected president.


Former ambassador Mike Ussery says Trump’s outrageous statements are  causing foreign policy problems he may not intend to. Trade expert Clyde Prestowitz served in both the Reagan and first Clinton administrations. He says whoever is elected has to make globalization as important an issue as national security. And Congresswoman Joyce Beatty tells Bill Press about the presidential campaigns in her swing state of Ohio.


Mike Ussery

Republican former ambassador Mike Ussery says Russia is playing diplomatic games with a weak hand but that Trump’s cozying up to Putin creates problems he doesn’t intend.


Clyde Prestowitz

Economist Clyde Prestowitz served in foreign policy positions in both the Reagan and first Clinton administrations and warns that the next president must make globalization issues every bit as important as national security ones.


Joyce Beatty

Congresswoman Joyce Beatty surveys the presidential race in Ohio for Bill Press.


Jim Hightower

Donnie's no populist, he's a Trumpist!

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