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Jun 28, 2022

Environmental initiatives are often smeared as being anti-labor, while unions are often painted as anti-clean energy. Neither is necessarily true—in fact, the fights for climate and economic justice are deeply intertwined.

Wallace Mazon

Activist Wallace Mazon says the fight for good jobs has to go hand in hand with the fight against climate change.

Joseph B. Uehlein

Joseph B. Uehlein works at the forefront of building union support for the effort to confront climate change.  He says the Green New Deal has the potential to rebuild the labor movement and unite the working class.  

Jim Hightower


The Curse of Medical Debt


What’s the most damning thing about America’s healthcare system? The system.


While our doctors, nurses, and technicians are among the best in the world, the system itself is not even designed for care, but for the constant expansion of profits for insurance giants, drugmakers, hospital chains, system managers, financiers, and other voracious components of the medical industry. For starters, ponder that term, “medical industry.”

Bill Press

The Still Dangerous Case of Donald Trump


During the hearings of the January 6th Select Committee, one question keeps coming up, “Did Donald Trump believe he had actually won the election?” “How could it be, that after being told repeatedly that no substantial fraud had occurred, he still maintained he won?”  


“Is the man crazy?”


It just so happens that we looked into this very question on the Bill Press Pod back in the summer of 2020 with our series, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump

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