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Jan 24, 2022

How labor and climate activism must work together.  

Joe Uehlein is the Founding President of the Labor Network for Sustainability. He tells us about why we need a “Just Transition” for labor and the climate crisis.

Joe Uehlein

The Labor Network for Sustainability is fighting for a sustainable future for the earth and its people. Joe Uehlein tells us why Democrats must “Go Big, Go Wide, and Go Far” for labor to adapt to the changing economy that climate change is creating.

Jim Hightower


What’s the charitable thing to do about inequality?


Our society has coined expressions like “philanthropist” to encourage and hail people’s charitable spirit.


Look on the flip side of that shiny coin of generosity, however, and you’ll find that its base substance is societal selfishness. After all, the need for charity only exists because we’re tolerating intentional injustices and widespread inequality created by power elites.


Ben Wikler

On The Ground in the Fight for Democracy


Control of the Senate in 2022 and the White House in 2024 goes through Wisconsin. Very MAGA Senator Ron Johnson is, by most polling, the most vulnerable incumbent Senator in either party. The Democratic Governor Tony Evers is the firewall against the GOP-controlled state Legislature and is up for re-election in 2022. If he loses, the firewall burns down and voter suppression and election subversion will come to this battleground state that Biden won by only 20,600 votes. Ben Wikler is Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and he tells Bill what it's like on the ground in the fight to preserve democracy. 


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