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Sep 20, 2022

Jim Tankersley on the untold story of America’s middle class and why it matters now. 

Jim Tankersley

Jim Tankersley’s newest book reveals the crucial role women and minorities played in building the post-war middle class. He says it’s an untold story that offers an essential roadmap to reviving the Golden Era of America’s middle class by making it possible again for all workers to reach their full potential.

Jim Hightower

Welcome To Our Future of “Digital Productivity Monitoring”


For generations, workers have been punished by corporate bosses for watching the clock. But now, the corporate clock is watching workers!


Called “digital productivity monitoring,” this surveillance is done by an integrated computer system including a real-time clock, camera, keyboard tracker, and algorithms to provide a second-by-second record of what each employee is doing.


Bill Press

Midterms: Red Wave or Blue Save?


Two months to the midterms. Bill talks to Steven Shepard, the Senior campaigns and elections editor and chief polling analyst for Politico. The often predicted Red Wave for the GOP has disappeared. But has this made a Blue Save possible?


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