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Dec 27, 2021

The best interviews of 2021 - Part 1


This week we discuss Voting rights with Amel Ahmed and David Daley. And Greg Sargent discusses how President Biden is reaching out to rural America with his policy agenda.

Amel Ahmed

The passage of H.R.1 would mark a necessary advance in defense of the right to vote.  But does that go far enough? Amel Ahmed says more can be done to go on the offense in the struggle over voting rights. 


David Daley

In his newest book, David Daley tells important stories about activists who are winning crucial battles for voting rights. And as they do, Daley says Republicans continue to rig the rules in their favor and put democracy at risk.


Greg Sargent

President Biden’s Covid policy includes a significant focus on rural America. Greg Sargent says it’s an excellent example of how Biden’s policy agenda can unify a divided America.