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Jun 28, 2021


The Pentagon Papers at 50. The people who profit off of racism. Plus Bill Press with CNN’s Don Lemon. 


Author Geoffrey Stone on his new book National Security, Leaks and Freedom of the Press: The Pentagon Papers Fifty Years On. Author Jim Freemen on his new book, Rich Thanks to Racism. And Bill Press with Don Lemon, author of This Is the Fire: What I Say to My Friends About Racism. 

Geoffrey Stone

The Pentagon Papers revealed decades of lies by the U.S. government about the Vietnam War, and confronted the nation on the dangers of putting government secrecy over the public’s right to know. Author Geoffrey Stone says it’s an issue still unresolved today. 

Jim Freeman

Coming to terms with racial inequality in America means coming to terms with why it persists.  Author Jim Freeman says that has to include understanding who stands to benefit the most from racism. 

Don Lemon

Bill Press with CNN’s Don Lemon on the need to fight complacency in the fight for a more equal nation. If you'd like to hear the entire episode, visit 

Jim Hightower

Can GOP Autocracy Outlaw American Democracy?


Ralph Waldo Emerson told of a dinner guest who went on and on about the virtue of honesty, offering his own life as a model of perfect rectitude. “The louder he talked of his honor,” said Emerson, “the faster we counted our spoons.”


That’s my reaction to the cacophony of phony piety arising from Republican governors and legislators who are trying to enact more than 250 new state laws to stop Black, Latino, Asian-American, Indigenous, and other non-Caucasian voters from casting ballots.