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Sep 28, 2022

The powerful influence of Lady Bird Johnson.


Julia Sweig on her book Lady Bird Johnson: Hiding in Plain Sight. Her political acumen was key in guiding the Johnson administration through the turbulent times after John F Kennedy’s assasination.

Julia Sweig

In her biography of Lady Bird Johnson, Julia Sweig reveals the unappreciated impact of a remarkable first lady during a historic turning point in American politics. 

Jim Hightower



Let me say one word to you: Nuts. Now, let me say one name to you: Ted Cruz.


They’ve become synonymous, with the Texas lawmaker perennially topping national lists of goofy, right-wing political goobers. Only, Ted can’t rightly be called a lawmaker, for he’s not a serious participant in that process, instead devoting his senatorship to political stunts and picking silly PR fights with a growing list of enemies.

Bill Press

`The Imperfect Union of Joe Biden and Barack Obama."


How did Barack Obama and Joe Biden meet? What did they think of each other? Was there really a bromance? And how did these two very different men form a very successful partnership for eight years in the White House. What did Barack Obama think of Biden’s chances in 2020? What is their relationship today? All those questions and more are answered in the new book, "The Long Alliance. The Imperfect Union of Joe Biden and Barack Obama" by New York Magazine National Correspondent Gabriel Debenedetti.


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